OGSM.online: sharp plan at a glance

For the creation and monitoring of plans

Direct insight into the status of OGSMs

Clear working method for teams

One central place for communication

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Insight into OGSM.online within 5 minutes

OGSM in practice

More results with an effective plan on one page

OGSM.online: creating a good plan

OGSM.online for multiple departments and teams

The OGSM platform allows multiple groups to collaborate on their plan in OGSM format

Determine per group who has access and whether they can participate in the process or only watch

Own domain name, logo and color scheme

Overview of groups
Brainstorming about OGSM

Brainstorm online and ask for feedback

Brainstorm with team members about the objective, goals, strategies, indicators and actions in the OGSM

Create items, drag them to the right position and ask for feedback from the participants

Make use of the tools Business modelTrend analysis en Scenario planning to discover the challenges your plan needs to answer

Replenish OGSM

Edit items to sharpen the OGSM

Select owners from strategies and actions

Add start dates and deadlines to actions

Use labels to link parts or OGSM together

Download the result as a PDF or Excel file

Publish OGSM
Assess OGSM with the checklist

Assess OGSM with the checklist

Score the OGSM on 24 points Add comments to explain the score View the result in a graph and view the score per statement

Implement OGSM and continuously improve

How do you ensure that OGSM plans lead to action and results. Check out our structured way of working through which the team regularly discusses progress and learns from the results.

Perform OGSM and monitor progress

Status of OGSM

Monitor progress at a glance

You can immediately see the status of the OGSM on the overview of the OGSM The traffic lights (green, orange, red) show whether the strategies, indicators and actions are proceeding according to plan Post updates to strategies and actions to inform all participants love the progress

OGSM in your pocket

View the full OGSM

Read the progress reports

Edit indicators and actions

Add reports

Status of OGSM
Action plan

Status of actions

On the overview of the OGSM you can immediately see the progress for each action, from 0-100%

The traffic (green, orange, red) shows whether the action is going according to plan

Immediate insight into start date and deadline and whether they have expired

Sort actions by start date or deadline

Group actions by owner, strategy or label

Link actions to multiple OGSMs

Archive actions that are no longer relevant

Status of indicators

With each indicator you see the target value and the most recent measured value

Save the history of measurements

Automatically add measurements from an external source

Graph of indicator
Graph of indicator

Overview of actions from various OGSMs

The action plan provides insight into the status of actions from various OGSMs

View all your actions in different OGSMs at a glance

See which deadlines have passed or are due to expire

View all actions that are marked red or orange

Filter all actions with a specific label

Simply choose which OGSMs you want to see on the dashboard

Get started with the action plan

The action plan contains all actions from the OGSM

Group actions by strategy or owner

Drag actions to the 'Working' column to start them and to the 'Done' column to finish them.

The overview of updates shows at a glance all changes in actions or the OGSM

Overview of actions in the Action Plan

Log of all changes

Every change in the OGSM is recorded. You will receive an update at:

- Starting or completing an action
- Changes in progress (percentage and traffic light)
- Changes to the deadline
- Changes to the content of items
- New comments

Progress report in one overview

Owners of strategies and actions periodically report on progress

The report provides direct insight into the progress of one or more OGSMs

At a glance you can see the status of strategies, indicators and actions and the explanations given by the owners

Determine yourself which parts you want to see and filter the overview, for example by label or traffic light

Download the report as a PDF for management or supervisors

Dashboard of the status of OGSMs
Dashboard of the status of OGSMs

Link with BI software

Create your own dashboards in BI software, such as Microsoft's Power BI

The API link makes the data from all OGSMs real-time transparent in BI software

The api link is protected with username and password

The API also allows you to update the readings of indicators


Log in with Microsoft account

Connect the OGSM platform to Azure AD (Microsoft 365)

Users can sign in with their Microsoft account (Single Sign On)

No extra username and password to remember

Simple and secure user management




We unburden


We have clear instructions for administrators and users of the OGSM tool.

We train you to use the OGSM tool successfully.

We support you during use.

Create new users, post content, questions? Contact us and we'll take care of it.


Passwords are stored encrypted and cannot be retrieved by anyone

We support 2-factor authentication

Encrypted connection (SSL certificate, 256-bit)

We program according to OWASP Top 10. These are the important security risks.

Our hosting is ISO 27001: 2013 and PCI-DSS v3 certified

Protocols for testing and going live of updates

Coaching and advice

Do you need help with analyzing opportunities and threats in your environment or the strength and vulnerabilities of your organization? Or when drawing up a strategy?

Our experienced partners help organizations by asking questions, holding up a mirror and giving concrete advice. They also provide practical training on strategy.

OGSM for teams

OGSM.online light


  • Creating OGSM in online brainstorming
  • Add details: owners, deadlines, target values, etc.
  • Testing OGSM with the OGSM checklist
  • Action plan with overview of all actions in the OGSM
  • Filter action plan
  • Monitor progress with the OGSM report
  • OGSM reporting
  • Log of changes
  • A team
  • Access via mobile browser

OGSM.online light (per month)

€ 85 per month (excl. VAT).
Not happy, money back!

OGSM.online light (per year)

€ 850 per year (excl. VAT). In other words: 2 months free!
Not happy, money back!

OGSM for organizations


Everything from OGSM.online light, plus:

  • Multiple teams
  • Access management by team
  • Central user management
  • Link OGSMs together
  • One report for multiple OGSMs
  • Filter action plan and reporting across multiple OGSMs
  • Centrally managed set of labels with adjustable colors
  • Sign in with Microsoft account (Azure AD)
  • Support for 2-factor authentication
  • Link with BI software (via API)
  • Ability to update indicators from external source
  • Management of invitations and update emails
  • Own logo and house style colors
  • Training and coaching by experienced OGSM expert