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Explore opportunities and threats in the environment through future scenarios to develop. Discover the strengths and vulnerabilities of the organization with the business model canvas.

Make a sharp plan

Describe the objective and goals and make a sharp plan with the OGSM model† At a glance you have a clear picture of which choices you are making and which actions need to be taken.

Learn and adjust

Gain insight into the progress and results of the OGSM plan† Evaluate with the team and adjust where necessary. With the environmental monitor keeps an eye on important trends to act on them quickly. strategic plans at a glance

The OGSM platform helps teams create, execute and adjust sharp plans. With an unambiguous working method, teams always have insight into the latest state of affairs. In this way they can learn from the results of their actions and adjust where necessary.

Scenario planning: grip on trends and uncertainty

Social Scenario Planning guides organizations step by step in developing scenarios. The involvement of both internal and external experts is central. This provides richer scenarios and strategic options and greater support for the outcomes.

With the Environment Monitor you keep an eye on relevant developments together with an expert panel.

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Our tools are available for businesses and non-profit organizations. Make sharp plans and achieve more results.

Coaching and advice through partners

Our tools are extremely powerful, but success takes more. We work together with partners who provide training, advice and coaching. Our partners are experts in OGSM, scenario planning and the business model canvas and trained in the use of our tools.

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