Online tools for agile organizations

More results with less hassle

Successful teams have a clear plan. They know what their challenges are and make sharp choices.

They get to work and monitor progress. They regularly discuss the results with each other. They are flexible and adjust if necessary.

Successful teams stay on course and remain agile.

Toolsfactory develops online tools that help teams to be successful in a changing world. Hundreds of teams and thousands of users work with our tools.

We help organizations with online tools and work together with partners for coaching and advice.

Reliable and innovative since 2004

Toolsfactory was founded in 2004 under the name Jester Tools. From the very beginning, we always developed our tools together with customers. In this way we ensure that they match the needs in practice.

We work together with industry associations, SMEs, financial institutions, healthcare organizations and large international companies.

Our tools are used by thousands of teams from China to Brazil and from South Africa to Norway.

We continuously work on improving and developing our tools. Still in close consultation with customers. If you want to be involved, let us know.

We have been working under the name Toolsfactory since January 2022.

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