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Environment monitor - probability scenarios

Early warning system

Monitor trends and scenarios


  • Insight into the impact and urgency of trends

  • Insight into the probability of scenarios

  • Insight into the relevance of strategic options

  • Conduct a strategic dialogue online

Early warning system

Respond quickly to change

The unique online environment monitor makes the outside world tangible. This tool helps organizations to monitor trends and uncertainties in the outside world in real time. The Environment Monitor enables you to learn from your environment and to prepare your organization for the future. You see changes coming faster and you can switch faster and adjust your business model or strategy!

Continue to monitor your scenarios

The basis of the Environment Monitor lies in the critical uncertainties for your organization. These are unpredictable developments with a lot of impact that underlie scenarios. In the tool you can link change indicators to critical uncertainties. By regularly monitoring these you will get a better impression of which uncertainties and scenarios are approaching and thus become more relevant. This is important information for timely strategic adjustments.

Certainties and uncertainties


A trend is a recognizable pattern in the environment. The trend is pointing in a certain direction. The impact on your organization differs. Just like the urgency: when should you respond to the trend?


The direction of many developments is unclear. Is it going left or right? Will it be a lot or a little? High or low? Developments cannot be predicted. They are insecure. The most important are the critical uncertainties.

Environmental monitor in 5 steps

Step 1: Determine monitor needs

Determine the trends, critical uncertainties and scenarios you want to monitor.

Step 2: Change indicators

Change indicators are the direction indicators. Link change indicators to the key uncertainties of scenarios to be monitored.

Step 3: Consult the expert panel

The expert panel consists of people from different disciplines within and outside the organization. The panel periodically assesses the likelihood of the change indicators via a questionnaire. You determine the composition of the panel and the frequency of monitoring.

Step 4: Dashboard

The dashboard shows the likelihood of the key uncertainties, scenarios and indicators and also shows the relevance of strategic options. This dashboard is created by our unique calculation model. You can also compare groups or measurement moments in the dashboard.

Step 5: Future blog

Share the conclusions of the Environmental Monitor and enter into a strategic dialogue with each other (internal and / or external stakeholders) about the implications of the results.

Don't run after the facts. Be prepared. Monitor your environment.


Online questionnaire

Send questionnaire to the expert panel

Invitation to fill in the questionnaire by e-mail

Experts receive a personal link to the questionnaire

Present trends and scenarios to the experts

Send reminders



Choose from more than 30 charts

Probability of Scenarios

Impact and urgency of trends

Probability of uncertainties and indicators

Relevance of strategic options

Comparison between years and groups of experts

Composition of the expert panel

Consensus within the expert panel



Future blog

Share developments and publications on the blog

Reply to articles

Discuss the results of the environment monitor




Insight into the use of the community via Google Analytics

Download all answers to the questionnaire in an Excel file


Daily or weekly email with an overview of new messages and responses

Update email is automatically sent to all members

Members can easily change the frequency themselves or unsubscribe

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