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Create OGSM OGSM is a tool to write down strategy and annual plans concisely and clearly. The model helps to focus on the essence. Once the plan is in place ... Read more
OGSM method: doing, learning, adjusting A plan can be so good - substantively correct, clearly formulated, concrete actions - if it is not implemented it is pointless, a waste of effort. You achieve results ... Read more
Check: ready to run OGSMs? Ready? When your OGSM is ready, the doing, learning and adjusting begins. With this checklist you can be sure that you are off to a flying start. Read more
Progress of actions: do Discuss current promotions every month. Focus on the actions that are not going according to plan. Decide together how you can improve the implementation of the actions. Read more
Progress of strategies: learning and adjusting The end of a quarter is a natural time to evaluate and look ahead. For example, there are four fixed moments in the year to learn and ... Read more



H5. Working together and making decisions together  23-11-2022 Creating, implementing and adjusting an OGSM is human work. Ultimately, it is the team members who have to do it together. Clear responsibilities and clear decision-making are important success factors. This… Read more
Create new annual plan 28-09-2022 This article is an extra to the book 'OGSM in practice'. We will discuss the process of creating new annual plans based on the plan of the… Read more
H4. OGSM: doing, learning and adjusting 22-08-2022 How do you keep track and ensure that you achieve the intended results? And at the same time: how do you remain agile? After all, when you implement the actions, you learn from the… Read more

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